2011 Christian Louboutin New Style Shoes

      One day,I saw the one elephant who wore so fashionable high heel,which was from the 2011 Christian Louboutin New Style.She was getting on the crowded bus.Her left hand had a handbag and right hand carried two best-seller novel made me amazed.During rush hour,so the passengers both felt the existence of elephant very trouble.Especially,if we were stepped on by high heel shoes,we couldn’t stand it.After a while,there were large space like a doughnut circle around elephant.Maybe she found herself in this condition,so she felt embarrassed.

     I thought:It was an unusually thing that she had worn Christian Louboutin Studded Red boots.It was so eye-catching and attractive that you loved it at first sight.However,the elephant had something make you like her.So I gave her a courtesy laugh,we started our conversation.She said: how long can I reach SM Square?I answered about four station.Because I was interesting to the Christian Louboutin Red Outset Sole,therefore I wanted to know where to buy this high heel shoes and told her what to send my sister as birthday gift.She was very happy to tell me.How time flies,her destination arrived.At last,she got down the bus and waved goodbye to me.

    Finally,I still quietly read my novel and never talk to the elephant.However,I can’t forget the 2011 Christian Louboutin New Style.

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