Perfect christian louboutin high heel

With the progress of The Times,many cultures also have changed including men’s thoughts.Many years ago,women was forced with foot-binding ,while a bigfoot gril was made fun of people lead to marry with the rich.Therefore they often wore flat or sporting shoes except sexy high heel shoes.During that period,beautiful gilr was desire to own a wealthy husband a,what is more,they usually stay at home and do housework.Speaking bluntly,they are a housewife.

Nowadays,the world has changed and become more and more fashion,everybody are the masters and know their own mind.Women have pursuited vogue brand,freedom and passion.Then they have to spend much money on luxury item.For example,they regularly buy LV bags and Christian Louboutin replica.Why?There is no reason,just for it is the world famous brand.Besides,the celebrity especially Hollywood stars both have a passion for it.when they attend the Academy Awards or formal occasions,they choose to wear christian louboutin shoes to shows their charming and self-confident.Now,high heel becomes more and more welcome and usually is put in women’s shoe cabinet.

As a matter of fact,due to improve standard of living,people can desire to enjoy high-end items.Especially the perfect christian louboutin high heel.

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